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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance or offer sliding scale payment?

Yes, I accept insurance for clients in Pennsylvania including Aetna, Oxford, United Healthcare, Cigna, Highmark and Capital Blue. I also accept PerformCare as of 7/27/23, which is MA(Medical Assistance) in Pennsylvania for the following counties: Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry and Lancaster. I do not accept any insurance for clients in Florida. I do accept cash payment and sliding scale payment plans. Call for a free 15 minute consultation to find out more. Check back if you don't see your plan type listed as more will be added. You can also call member services on your card to see if I am an in network provider.

Can we meet over Telehealth or in the office?

Yes, I can meet over telehealth with clients in PA or FL at this time. Telehealth is always an option if you want to add an extra layer of security to your therapy experience, if you have specific health concerns or the added convenience of not needing to drive to the office. I use a secure and HIPAA compliant version of zoom for our sessions. Office sessions are available for in person services. For the most part, I plan to offer office days on Tuesday and Thursday and telehealth Wednesday and Friday.

Do you have immediate openings to see clients?

As of 3/6/24, I do not have any immediate openings. I started a very small waitlist in December of '23. I am now accepting any new clients to add to the waitlist only. Right now I only have 1-2 people waiting for services. Please note, that I plan on giving priority for later appointment session times to children and teens. Children tend to respond to treatment more quickly than adults and I could have openings for children sooner then adults. My adult clients tend to have complex trauma related issues that need more time to resolve and therefore adult openings will take some time to be available. If you are wanting to find a provider asap, I recommend using Psychology Today's website search engine to find another provider. 


What are your hours of operation?

Please note that I normally do not see clients on Mondays. As a single owner of my practice, I am doing it all on my own. This means I use Mondays for all the "other stuff" that needs to be done behind the scenes, for personal time and self care. I do have later hours most of the week. Tuesday-Friday my work day starts at 8:30. Tuesday I usually end my day at 7:30/8 pm, Wednesday I end my day at 5:30/6 pm, Thursdays I end at 6:30/7 pm and Fridays I try to end my day at 3:30/4 pm. Work life balance is important! 

What is the best way to reach you? 

The best way to reach me is through my email or through the contact form on my website. I am running this business essentially by myself, so if I am in session, I cannot respond to calls. Please note that if you contact me, I typically try to respond within 24-48 hours so be on the lookout for my email.

Do you assist with SSI/disability assessments/filing?

If you would like records shared, I am happy to do so, especially with a disability attorney who can help with filing an appeal. I do not have any experience with completing assessment documents and knowing what to write or say to facilitate this process successfully. It can also be a very time consuming process to fill out paperwork for the assessment process. As a result, I have decided my primary focus needs to be on my caseload needs (providing therapy, documenting and billing). I will not be able to assist with SSI assessment paperwork, as a result. It is my understanding that a good disability attorney can use your records and request an outside assessment be done to file an appeal and get benefits. I apologize for any inconvenience with this matter that this may cause.

What is your area of expertise?

I have a great deal of experience working with teens and younger children. I have worked with a great deal of clients struggling with mood related issues like anxiety and depression. A great deal of my experience comes from working with clients who have experienced different types of trauma like physical and sexual abuse, neglect, witnessing domestic abuse between caregivers as a child, intimate partner violence, neglect, parented by an alcoholic parent or caregiver with a drug addiction, unexpected loss of a loved one, car accidents, sexual assault and more. Trauma symptoms can present in many different ways including racing thoughts, sleep disruption, altered mood, suicidal ideation or self harm. It can also present in the form of lack of emotion or feeling disconnected from others and the world around us. Additionally, I worked in a parenting program for several years and am a parent myself. I know the challenges and joys of being a parent and can assist in this area. More recently, I worked with a lot of adult clients in the past year or so since moving to Pennsylvania, many of whom struggle with depression and anxiety. I really love working with both children and adults.

What will therapy be like?

Starting therapy can bring about anxiety or feel scary when first starting out. The first session will focus on getting to know you and what your main concerns are.  Next, we will get to know each other better, set goals. find solutions, work on regulating your emotions and understand where they come from. We can resolve things once and for all in treatment with the goal of truly feeling better and healing so you can move forward in a positive way in your life. As a human being, we all struggle with things at times. I will never ask you to do anything you don't want to do and have never done myself. We all need support at times and if things have been overwhelming, now is the time to ask for support. I often learn from my clients because they are the expert on their life and their experiences. I also find that my clients and I laugh in the session just as much as you will have a place to vent your thoughts and emotions. I use a lot of evidence based interventions, essentially things that are researched and proven to help people feel better. I strongly believe in the field of neuroscience which is the area of study relating to the brain and how it is functioning impacts our emotions.

Tell me about yourself.

I recently relocated from Florida to Pennsylvania so I have my license to practice in both states. I lived in Florida most of my life and am now enjoying experiencing the seasons for the first time in my life in Pennsylvania. I love the outdoors and nature, have a creative side (love to draw and paint when I have time) and enjoy a good jam session with my children. I have two children who keep me very busy and have been married for almost 2 decades. I am very passionate about my work and you will have my full attention. I will be a big advocate for you to do what you need to do to be safe, healthy and happy. In my spare time, I try to do yoga on a regular basis, get outside for a walk or a bike ride or read a good book.

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